By No Means Perfect

I don’t think everyone tries their best. People say they do, but I don’t think that most of us do. WE watch too much TV, or spend time doing things that doesn’t line up with what would be considered as “trying my best”. That’s fine at times, but if you find yourself watching more Netflix than you do actually being productive, it might be time to switch things up.

That being said. It’s vital that you accept your own shortcomings. I’m not out here trying to preach from the mound either, I’m far from perfect. I’ve messed up things a lot. I’ve gotten far too drunk at times. There’s been several romantic situations where I didn’t put in enough effort and ended up hurting people (some of which I have yet to make up for). There are some friendships that I bottled in the same way. Sometimes I don’t treat people the right way and hurt them. There’s no excuse for that. There is however, plenty to learn from these flaws, flaws we all have. 

You learn far more from failure than you do from success. That seems to be a universal truth echoed by many. It’s important to be able to recognize your shortcomings, because only then will you be able to learn from them. Only then will you actually be able to work on changing some of these character flaws and improve yourself.

There was a time, not so long ago, that I hated myself whenever I messed up. I hated myself for making mistakes. That’s not the right move. You shouldn’t be delighted when you mess things up either, but you shouldn’t resent yourself. Learning to accept whatever mistakes we make is key. We’re all made up of good and bad parts. That’s what makes you, you. I used to block out the bad parts and believe that only the good parts are what existed, but that’s not true. 

These days I don’t hate myself when I fuck things up. Instead I actively try and figure out why my actions were wrong, and try to learn from them. This prevents further mistakes from happening. That said, I still feel bad about it, I still apologize, and I still try to make up for it when I unintentionally hurt people. The difference here is that I’ve tried to stop resenting myself for making mistakes, because that’s something we all do at some stage. I’ve said it before, and you’ll hear me say it again I’m sure; Life is a lot easier when you don’t hate yourself.


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