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Why ‘Mental Health’ is not a Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Mental Health is often used as an excuse by disingenuous people to avoid taking responsibility for bad behaviour, and it needs to stop.

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How To Talk Openly and Why It’s Important

Talking openly about how we feel is something we all encourage but rarely do. It can be challenging, and scary. Finding effective ways to open up is key for our wellbeing.

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Mental Health Routines and the Real Meaning of Self-Care

A mental health routine is an essential tool for maintaining wellbeing. We need to figure out what works for us in order to construct routines that benefit our physical and mental health

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Have a Precedented New Year

In a year that was as challenging as they come, it’s important to find something in it all to learn and grow from.

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This is the Problem with Instant Gratification

Society today conditions us to believe we deserve to be rewarded instantly without putting in any effort, but that is rarely how life works.

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How You Feel Shouldn’t Excuse How You Behave

Often, we react emotionally to a situation and behave according to that response, which isn’t always the most appropriate or healthy way to navigate the world.

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