Resenting People For No Good Reason

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Resenting people, wanting others to fail in order to feel better about yourself isn’t generally a characteristic of a good or successful person.

And yet, we all feel like this sometimes. We resent people for no good reason in moments of insecurity. This is quite human. We don’t feel good, and then we someone else doing well, and we make snide comments, or unfollow, or wish for their good fortune to end, in hope that doing so will make us feel even marginally better.

This is human. This happens. But the more it happens, the higher the risk of it becoming a core personality trait – you risk becoming a person who resents the good fortune of others, who dislikes other people simply because they have earned what they have worked tirelessly for. And this transition isn’t obvious. It is slow, gradual, silent. But then, if you’re lucky, you’ll wake up one day and realise you’ve lost the run of yourself. You’ll realise that you’re more focused on appearing successful, on gaining followers, on being well-known, than you are on the work that began all of this to begin with. You’ll have lost yourself and you’ll have become someone filled with anger towards essential strangers you come across online.

And, like always, I am not making this observation in isolation. I know this to be true because it began happening to me in 2020. And, had I not started writing Lonely Boy, started reflecting on my behaviours, I may not have caught myself. I may have continued down this path into toxic resentment, rather than genuinely wishing for other people to do well.

Be vigilant of your thoughts, especially when you are feeling tired, insecure, or anxious. Observe how other people are making you feel and question why you’re feeling that way. More often than not, the way you’re feeling has nothing to do with them, so don’t take it out on them by resenting them either. It’s not healthy, and people will begin to distance themselves from you.

Just thoughts as always. Don’t forget to drink water.

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