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Nothing To Report

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It’s Sunday morning. I am not hungover. I have been living alone for the past ten days. These are just the facts as they stand. Another weird thing about me is that if I ring someone then I am very happy to have a conversation but if someone rings me then it feels like an intrusion and I feel myself getting irritable. It’s genuinely ridiculous. I don’t want to be this way but this tends to happen. I can feel it happening in real time. And I won’t label it with any sort of therapy-speak – I’m just being a bit of a prick.

A week ago today my mental health was quite terrible and now it is quite fine. It’s funny that, despite how often this happens, in the moment I never believe I’ll swing out of the down, but I always do. Time and patience is all that is usually required.

I didn’t really know what to write about to day. Nothing is so prickly in my life at the moment as to require analysis. Maybe I’m happy? Isn’t that a nice thought.

But there are things going on that need attention. That fella is Ireland who got no jail time despite beating a woman unconscious. That’s absolutely fucked. Or the ongoing genocide in Palestine. Maybe, instead of me going on and on today, take the free time to do something for these atrocities. Send a few emails to TDs, donate some money. There’s so much badness in the world right now. We can all do something to make things a little less shit.

That’s all I wanted to say today. If you want to contribute a guest blog like Seán and Cathy have done, send me a message or an email. It’s about time this place became more communal, no?

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