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This post talks references a mental health issue

A Well Needed Break

The world we live in discourages stillness, but sometimes stillness is exactly what we need in order to keep moving forward.

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Peaks and Valleys

Peaks and valleys: Bad days are there to make sure you appreciate the better ones. It’s not a perfect science, but it helps.

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Panic Attack Reflections

I had my first panic attack in three years on Tuesday. It wasn’t a major one, but it was a surprise. I suppose, in my head, I thought I’d ‘grown out’ of having them. But this just goes to show that mental health challenges can appear at any stage.

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Live Journaling #1

I’m doing something different today. I’m gonna do a live journal to give you an idea of how my process looks.

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An Important Thing On Social Media That Didn’t Make The Book

This week’s blog is an extract that didn’t make the book (The book being Lonely Boy). It talks about the role social media plays in our collective wellbeing. We live in a world now which, more than ever, promises that you are special. You can be famous and beautiful and rich and intelligent and funny […]

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Do You Care About What Others Think?

It’s natural to find yourself caring about what others think about you, but it’s usually not helpful. Let’s unpack that.

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