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Why You Need to Check-in With Your Pals

If one of your friends dies it will destroy your mental health. Be selfish – check in with your friends to maintain your mental wellbeing.

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The Certainty Epidemic

We are living through a certainty epidemic, where everyone believes they are right and anyone who disagrees is the enemy.

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2021: The Year of Conformity

Conformity can result in us losing our ability to think independently. When we default into conformity, we risk becoming part of the mob.

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Reflection on a Strange Year

A post dedicated to reflecting, 2021, stoicism and finding the space to learn something new in every moment and from every person.

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What I Learned While Travelling

Before I went travelling I was anxious about going out on my own. But I needn’t have been. And there is a universal lesson in that.

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Seeing the Bigger Picture

Seeing the bigger picture can be difficult but once you do, it can help you through adversity and hardship.

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