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This post talks references a mental health issue

Extract: On The House

This is an extract from an unpublished short story I’ve been working on lately.

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Lonely Boy: The Journey Inward

Lonely Boy began as a journal. It began as a way to figure out some things that were going wrong, and then it became something far different.

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World Fire Prevention Day

If the world was on fire would we only dedicate a single day to fire prevention or would we dedicate every day to it?

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Real Resilience; Witnessing the Ultra

Real resilience is rare. We don’t all have it. But we can learn from those who do. This weekend I got to watch it in action.

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Do You Understand Your Impact?

Someone is watching you. They are inspired by you. They may want to emulate you. Do you know this? Do you understand your impact?

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Finding Home in the Unknown

When we leave, we take a piece of home with us like a seed, and we try to plant that sense of home in as many places as we can.

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