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This post talks references a mental health issue

Lockdown Contemplations & Other Thoughts pt. 1

This is a creative non-fiction consideration of the predicament we find ourselves in. It’s a complex and wonderful world.

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Certainty is Certainly Ridiculous

In today’s society, we tend to assume the worst possible scenario. Assuming that people have the worst intentions often leads to division.

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The Difference Between Mental Illness and Mental Health

The lines are often blurred between what a mental health issue is and what mental illness is. It’s important that we know the difference.

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Why ‘Mental Health’ is not a Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Mental Health is often used as an excuse by disingenuous people to avoid taking responsibility for bad behaviour, and it needs to stop.

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I Didn’t Know What Mental Health Was Until My Friend Killed Himself

Too often we have waited for tragedy to strike in order to educate about mental health.. We must educate in order to prevent such tragedies.

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How To Talk Openly and Why It’s Important

Talking openly about how we feel is something we all encourage but rarely do. It can be challenging, and scary. Finding effective ways to open up is key for our wellbeing.

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