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This post talks references a mental health issue

When Things Go To Shit

When we make plans, the universe throws us a curveball. It’s our ability to adapt and find joy when things are going badly that matters most.

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Imagining Sisyphus Happy

When Albert Camus said that we should imagine Sisyphus happy, I don’t think he meant that we should believe Sisyphus enjoyed pushing the boulder up the hill.

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Finding Balance in an Unbalanced Environment

Since moving to Spain I’ve noticed one thing in particular. People don’t live to work. Work doesn’t consume every other aspect of live. There’s more balance.

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Resenting People For No Good Reason

Wanting other people to fail in order to feel better about yourself isn’t generally a characteristic of a good or successful person.

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What Fills The Void?

What fills the void for you? Despite the ups and downs of writing, I still find myself drawn to it, because it gives purpose to my life.

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Are You Feeling Uncomfortable?

Taking a break for you mental health is very different to opting out because you’re uncomfortable, so let’s talk about it.

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