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This post talks references a mental health issue

If You Need to Post on Instagram Every Day You Might Have a Problem

If you can’t do anything without posting about it online, or on Instagram, then you might have an addiction to validation. I know a lot of people will be uncomfortable reading that, and many will flat out say that it’s wrong, or that I’m being insensitive, but this doesn’t make it any less true. There […]

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You Are What You Think You Are

You are what you think you are. If you frame your existence negatively, you will soon begin to believe you are a bad person.

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The Work is Never Finished

When it comes to our mental health the work is never finished. It requires a constant effort to maintain, and this can be a challenge at times

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Mental Health & Labels: You Aren’t How You Feel

Things happen to you. You walk along the road. A bus passes and splashes a huge puddle causing and you’re drenched. You’re uncomfortable and wet for a time but later you dry off and get warm again. Even when difficult things happen to us, we don’t become them. We don’t become the puddle of water […]

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I’ve Been Stressed Lately But I Hid It From Myself

Sometimes it can be difficult to see mental health problems when you’re in them. Lately I’ve felt a lot of stress, but I never realised it.

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Here is Why I Think We’re God

When we come together and collaborate our efforts we can do God-like things. We can create something that is more than the sum of our parts

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