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This post talks references a mental health issue

Perpetual Guilt: Understanding Why I Feel Bad Over Everything

No matter what it is I do, there is always an element of guilt attached to it. This is maladaptive, and needs to be addressed in order to grow

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The Illusion of You: Finding Meaning in Not Existing

No two people have the same idea of You in their heads. This is the Illusion of You. If there’s no true You, there are no limitations to who You can be.

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Productivity Anxiety: That Annoying Voice That Never Lets Up

Productivity anxiety is that nagging sensation that you get when you’re not working, but feel like you should be working.

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Lockdown Contemplations & Other Thoughts pt. 2: Words for Subtle Things

A creative non-fiction piece about the more subtle things. Thoughts on lockdown, how it has influenced our thoughts and mental health.

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The Challenge of Daily Gratitude

Gratitude can be challenging. We take many things for granted and sometimes only realise what we have when they’re taken from us.

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Understanding Our Impact: The Responsibility of Being You

We all have an impact on someone else’s life. Be it minute or monumental, each of us needs to understand what that impact is.

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