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This post talks references a mental health issue

Everyone Has Insecurities

Insecurities abound! We’re all insecure. It’s natural. But we should all be aware of how insecurities can affect our lives.

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Angry Little Internet People

Why is everyone so angry all the time? It looks exhausting and I’m exhausted half the time as it is. I just need a nap.

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The Thoughts Too Loud Podcast

The Thoughts Too Loud Podcast has finally landed. I thought I should let you know about it here. The blog will remain on its throne however.

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Nothing To Report

This week I have nothing to moan about really. Last week was bad, this week is good. I am, dare I say, happy for once?

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Seán Óg Ó Murchú: Going to the Cinema Alone

Our latest guest blog feature Seán Óg Ó Murchú with a goegeous piece about going to the cinema alone, anxiety, and panic attacks

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I Just Hate Texting

It’s not that deep. I just hate texting. How come friends don’t mind when you don’t text back for a week? What’s different?

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