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The Danger of Recreational Outrage

Recreational outrage is the phenomenon whereby people go online to be angry in exchange for serotonin rather than because they actually care.

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You Know A Person Who Is Struggling

You know a person who is struggling & won’t tell you. You also know a person who you think is bad because they wronged you. But are you right?

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Acknowledging Sadness and Other Negative Emotions

Negative emotions like sadness and loneliness are something we all experience but society has made us believe we’re not meant to feel them.

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Understanding Waves

Emotions are like waves and you are the ocean. Learning to see emotions as separate to yourself is fundamental to good mental health.

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Why Long-Term Purpose is More Important Than Short-Term Happiness

Finding purpose which isn’t self-serving is far more important than finding short-term happiness in meaningless endeavours.

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That Sunday Feeling

Ever have that Sunday Feeling? You can step back for a moment and see your life for what it is, and you can either be grateful or distressed

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