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That Sunday Feeling

Ever have that Sunday Feeling? You can step back for a moment and see your life for what it is, and you can either be grateful or distressed

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If You Need to Post on Instagram Every Day You Might Have a Problem

If you can’t do anything without posting about it online, or on Instagram, then you might have an addiction to validation. I know a lot of people will be uncomfortable reading that, and many will flat out say that it’s wrong, or that I’m being insensitive, but this doesn’t make it any less true. There […]

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You Are What You Think You Are

You are what you think you are. If you frame your existence negatively, you will soon begin to believe you are a bad person.

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Knowing Yourself as the Hero and the Villain

Knowing yourself takes a lot of effort and can be quite painful. However, our lives become much more coherent when we make this effort.

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Why Wanting To Be An Influencer Is A Terrible Idea

In a world where influencer culture and superficiality are rampant, a lot of people are struggling to know who they are without social media.

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The Challenge of Daily Gratitude

Gratitude can be challenging. We take many things for granted and sometimes only realise what we have when they’re taken from us.

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