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Understanding Our Impact: The Responsibility of Being You

We all have an impact on someone else’s life. Be it minute or monumental, each of us needs to understand what that impact is.

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Learning to Focus on the People Who Matter

Today, we explore ways of accepting that, no matter what, some people won’t like us. Instead, we should focus on the people who matter.

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Nuance in a Polarised World

Social media has trained us to hide our flaws and hope to God no one ever finds them, but we’re all flawed. The point of this blog is to showcase how a person is a combination of beliefs, flaws and anxieties rather than any one perspective.

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How Social Media Affects Our Mental Wellbeing

Social media distorts how we interact with others. Instead of viewing conversations as places to collaborate, it’s not more common to see them as battlegrounds.

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Why ‘Mental Health’ is not a Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Mental Health is often used as an excuse by disingenuous people to avoid taking responsibility for bad behaviour, and it needs to stop.

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How To Talk Openly and Why It’s Important

Talking openly about how we feel is something we all encourage but rarely do. It can be challenging, and scary. Finding effective ways to open up is key for our wellbeing.

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