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This is Why You’re Afraid

Life is going to pass by no matter what you do. Don’t let the fleeting thoughts of judgemental people you will never truly know be the reason between you living your life and you simply existing.

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An Important Thing On Social Media That Didn’t Make The Book

This week’s blog is an extract that didn’t make the book (The book being Lonely Boy). It talks about the role social media plays in our collective wellbeing. We live in a world now which, more than ever, promises that you are special. You can be famous and beautiful and rich and intelligent and funny […]

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What is this all for?

I’ve found that success and happiness are quite similar in nature. And that pressure from within is the worst of all.

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Note to Self

This is a note to self but it’s also a note to you. You could be happy, right now, the way things are. You could be.

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The Reality of Rejection

Rejection is an unavoidable experience. We all go through it. So why are we so often quite terrible at dealing with it?

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2022: A Mental Year

This is the last post of the year. I reflect on how my mental health was overall and discuss the importance of daily effort for mental health

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