Men Chase Women, Women Chase Status.

Nature is elective. It’s called natural selection for a reason. It’s because nature does the selecting. Not much of a revelation but bear with me. I’ve been listening to a lot of Jordan Peterson lectures lately. Not so much the political debate videos, but more so the ones that draw out his expertise; psychology.

He brought a point to mind which more or less nested in my brain. It’s undeniable and quite true and quite interesting. Women are nature in terms of human reproduction. This isn’t a metaphor either. Women are nature.

I’ll decrypt that now. In human mating and reproduction it is fundamentally the choice of the woman as to who reproduces. Women, in the vast majority of cases get to pick who they mate with. It is not the choice of the male. Instead the men pander, and peacock to impress women. Women, by virtue of their role as selectors are the primary source of male insecurity and self-betterment, because when a man is  inevitably rejected by a woman, he must recalibrate, readjust and take stock. It is not common for women to chase after men and try to woo them (although this does also happen). Generally though, women select partners,, and men are lucky to be selected.

Therefore, women are natural selection incarnate. They drive forward the evolution of human genetics by being our species’ selectors. This is important. It’s also interesting to note that women subconsciously choose partners based on status. They either choose men they perceive as equal to them in status or higher. Obviously in some cases women can and do go for lower status men, but this is in a minority of cases.

In terms of the reproductive world. Women run the show, and for good reason. Considering women take the brunt of the workload in terms of carrying the child, upbringing etc. it only makes sense that women are the ones that decide on who reproduces.

So basically, women do the choosing and they tend to choose men who are in charge and have that dank bank account. I thought that was pretty interesting anyway.


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