Here is Why I Think We’re God

Choir music has always moved me. It’s a type of music seemingly exclusive to organised religion, and this makes sense based on how it makes people emote. It makes you feel something like divinity. It speaks to our souls, or whatever is there inside us. A choir singing is the closest thing I’ve had to a religious experience.

For a long time the way a choir singing made me feel worked as pseudo proof for God almost. If something attached to religion could make me feel this level of emotion and awe then surely there is some truth to what’s going on?

However, after a long time I realised that the way choir music makes me feel isn’t proof of God as much as it is proof of people, and specifically, what people can accomplish when they band together to create something better.

And when I reflect on this, I know it to be true. Anything which is a result of people coming together, and working in unison has always created this sense of awe. A team working together in order to overcome the greatest odds. Huge structures like the pyramids or the Eiffel Tower which are impossible to make alone. Music, like that of a choir, which can’t be created by a single voice. These things create a sense of awe and inspiration exactly because the individual cause is lost and the collective becomes more important.

When we do things together, and the outcome becomes more than the sum of our individual parts, amazing things happen. Things we could not accomplish alone appear as if from nowhere. And it is this – the coming together to create something more than what we are – which has always instilled this spiritual and religious experience in me. It’s not so much proof of God as it is proof of our potential.

When people come together with good intentions, to accomplish something worthwhile, the world is always better for it. We are always better for giving ourselves to something that is far bigger and more noble than we are. It evokes a feeling which we can’t experience on our own, because it is a feeling resulting from many people working together. You’ll have felt this giant surge if you’ve ever been on a team and have accomplished something great despite the odds.

I get goosebumps when a choir sings, and recently I sat down and asked myself why that is. Now I think I understand a little better as to why. When we do things together we create things that could never exist if we all remained individuals. That’s a powerful sentiment.

Extend this to all aspects of life.

Instead of looking out for only ourselves – in this world that has normalised selfish and narcissistic values – imagine if we all pooled together and worked on things which are greater than who we are as individuals. That world is better for everyone hands down. Mentally, physically, spiritually. Imagine if you could get those choir-music goosebumps in every moment.

Why would we not strive for that? We’re taught to look out for our own interests more than anything but I don’t think that’s where happiness is. Working with other people to create something great, something that will last, is far more fulfilling than hitting personal goals. There is a lesson in that which we’re missing, because we’re too busy looking out for selves, and ignoring the people around us.

What if we are God? What if that spiritual goosebump feeling is a fleeting understanding of what we are capable of together. It’s something to think about.

Drink water,


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