Have a Precedented New Year

In a year that stripped away the excess, I hope you found something to be grateful for.

In a year that that forced us to be apart, I hope you learned the value of being together.

In a year that did its best to divide us, I hope you found a way to unite.

In a year that brought out the worst in some, I hope you found moments to be at your best.

This is the last post before Christmas and the New Year so I’ll keep it brief. 2020 was an unforgettable one, be that good or bad. IT was a mental and physical challenge, and it’s no small feat to come out the other side of it in in good health, both physically and mentally.

We’ve learned how easily things can be taken from us. We’ve learned how easily we can be manipulated into hating other people. We’ve learned the potential we have for selfishness.

But we’ve also learned how compassionate we can be. We’ve learned that we can adapt and overcome things we never thought we’d be able to. We’ve learned that we all have the potential to do better and to be better.

2020, above all else, has been a year of learning. People are different now. Life is different now. We’ve all grown through it, and although it was difficult at times, I know we’ll be better for it in the long run.

I hope we use what we learned this year to make 2021 something better.

Have a good Christmas, and I wish you an incredibly precedented New Year.

Drink water,

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