Notes App Diaries #1

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Notes App Diaries #1

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Glass of water. Glass of water with dilute. Black coffee. Black coffee. Lucozade Sport. Pint-Pint-Pint. Bottle of Corona. Tipple of whiskey. Pint-Pint. Glass of water. Glass of water with dilute. Black coffee.

Half the time you’re upset you don’t even know why.

It’s possible to understand this intellectually and be sad about it at the same time.

When you fall asleep sitting up you have weird dreams. When you fall asleep on your back you have weird dreams.

I think you just have weird dreams.

Freezing cold pints keep your hands warm. Isn’t that strange?

You’ve never ordered a negroni. That feels like something to be proud of.

The term ‘manual evacuation’ has come up a lot lately.

The depth of our existence isn’t meant for introspection. Yet you keep doing it, and your mental health is suffering, but you don’t seem to see a connection here?

Of course you do, you just think the work is more important than your health. Silly boy.

You know your poems scare the people who love you, right?

You know that there are people that love you. Stop choosing to forget.

Sad boy poetry all day.

When The Water Hits The Pan and Other Hot Takes.

Fell asleep watching Iron Man, now your t-shirt needs and iron, man.

None of this is as deep as you think it is.

Just be yourself. That’s the best advice I can give you. But don’t put on a show to be yourself, because then you’re being a performed version of yourself, which is actually different to your real self. It’s actually harder to do then you might think.

If anyone ever finds this Notes App they’ll think I’ve lost it. If they find this Notes App, I will have lost it (the phone)

Great play on words there, well done.

How does any of this relate to mental health? Well, sometimes you need to string a lot of unconnected things together to show that everything is in fact connected. All of it affects you, in some way. Mental health is a combination of factors, just like all the scribblings in my Notes App. And when you put it all together, it tells a story. And from that story you can tell where you are mentally, and possibly parse out how you ended up there.

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