Being In The Moment

There’s a lot going on in your life. A lot of good things. Things you should be present for. And yet, you’re constantly looking beyond them to the next thing. The next goal, the next target. You fail to be present because you’re constantly looking forward.

Does this sounds like you? It definitely sounds like me. I’ve always struggled with being present. With being in the moment. And this has often caused me to miss the moment. I don’t take it all in. I fail to understand the impact. And suddenly the moment is gone, never to return.

When we do this we miss out on something. If we’re always living in the future then we’re never living, because the future never truly comes. It keeps stretching out, and as soon as you get the anticipated future, you look up and see that the future has expanded once again, infinitely.

The present is the only thing that is real. The past is gone, the future doesn’t ever arrive. And so, it’s important that we try to be in the present as often as we can. Otherwise we miss out on our lives. We miss out on the big things that are happening now because we’re so focused on what’s down the road.

Lately, a friend of mine named Tadhg has been telling me to ‘soak it all in’. To be present. He’s talking about this in the context of Lonely Boy coming out. Because he knows. He knows how easy it is to not be present and miss this moment. This moment isn’t going to come around again. It’s important that we remember this.

Forget about the future for now. Be present. Be in this moment and find gratitude. This moment is the only thing that is real. All the rest is hypothetical – it is what could be, not what actually is.

Be good,


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