The Reasons Why

This space has essentially always been a journal for several reasons.

I address things that affect me directly. When I talk about anxiety it’s about anxiety I have felt. When I talk about how negative social media can be it’s because I have felt these negative effects. It has never been a preaching from the mound situation. It’s more of a reflection of me. Perhaps it doesn’t always come across that way, especially if you don’t know me personally.

I do this for two reasons. The first being that I know what I’m talking about when I talk about things I’ve experienced. I can express myself accurately. I can recount to you what I’ve experienced and how I’ve found ways to manage my mental health. Therefore, it is rare that I will broach a subject I do not have experience of. I don’t talk much about ADHD or ASD of BPD because I do not have first-hand experience of such things. There are many other pages around that talk about these things in far more accurate ways than I ever could.

The second of my reasons is that trying to help you helps me. This isn’t an entirely selfless endeavour. Every time I come on here to reflect and look inward, I grow as a person. I learn a little bit more about myself. So this is a project that helps me as much as I hope it helps others.

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month now. There’ll be plenty of opportunity to talk and there’ll be plenty of voices to do the talking. It’s excellent, and it’s an extremely important month. What this month does not need, however, is shaming.

If you are a voice in the mental health world, here’s something to consider: Just because someone doesn’t talk about an issue, it does not mean they do not care. But rather, they don’t feel like they’re the right person to talk about it. They may not have experience, or the knowledge, or the understanding. I wouldn’t feel comfortable or confident writing about what schizophrenia feels like because I do not know what this feels like.

There’s enough negative shite in the world. We can do without shaming other well-intending people for not talking about the specific things you want them to talk about. If we all talk about the things we have the ability to talk about, the things we truly care about and understand, then we’ll have all our bases covered.

Don’t shame people or make passive-aggressive posts highlighting how people aren’t addressing your pet-issue. That doesn’t exactly broadcast a very welcoming environment.

Be good,


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