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“You’re a F*ck Boy”

“You’re a f*ck boy.” No I’m not. “Yes you are, look at how you dress!” What’s wrong with my clothes? “F*ck boy clothes. Look at your shoes, man.” What? “And your drink, that’s a f*ck boy drink.” Oh, okay then. “I’m still not decided. I can’t decide if you’re a f*ckboy or not.” Cool. These […]

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Masculinity Isn’t Toxic

Culture is a weird thing. Culture changes. It’s different across the world, but the idea of culture is permanent. It’s inherent. Culture is something we do, us humans. Culture is basically whatever is deemed socially acceptable by a particular society. Therefore, it’s subject to change, as what becomes acceptable changes over time, both very quickly […]

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The Fox

A fox slinked across the road in front of me. It was dark. It appeared for few moments in my headlights, in the rain. The fox knew I was there but didn’t have any time for my bullshit, too busy doing fox things It moved exactly as you’d expect a fox would move; it moved […]

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