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I’m Not Sure Who Needs to Hear This But…

I’m not sure who needs to hear this but going out drinking every weekend doesn’t correlate well with success. Watching Netflix for hours on end doesn’t align with the effort needed to attain your goal. To achieve a worthwhile goal takes endless hours of toil, dedication and sacrifice. Every time you decide to get shit-faced, […]

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Why Social Media Has Made Us All Bad People

Over the last few weeks there’s been a call on social media, mainly Twitter, to stop hurling abuse and insults at people, even if they do not agree with your particular world view. It was a good idea, coming from a good place on that back of a tragic suicide. Unfortunately, it lasted all of […]

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The Last Thing Kobe Taught Me

If you’ve been under a rock for the past week then you may not have heard about the death of Kobe Bryant. You more than likely have. I don’t want to rehash what you already know here but I think we can all agree how awful and sad it is. Losing Kobe, his daughter and […]

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Notes on Being Alone

Superman is regarded as the most powerful superhero going, right? We can all agree on that I think. The man literally absorbs power from the sun and is bullet-proof and can fly. He has one weakness, which is a rock that proves incredibly difficult to get your hands on. He’s basically untouchable. Nevertheless, Superman has […]

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You Should Talk About the Things You Don’t Want to Talk About

Sometimes I won’t be able to properly understand something until I talk about it out loud. You gain something from saying things out loud. This can be as simple as finding a typo you missed by reading out loud, or as complex as understanding the cause of how you feel about a certain situation. Thinking […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Make a New Year’s Resolution

Every day between Christmas and New Year’s feels like a Sunday. Sundays are grand yokes but they also come with a gentle anxiety about the week ahead. It’s irritating but usually, not unmanageable. Now imagine a week of Sundays that don’t just lead up to a new week but to a brand new year. The […]

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