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Life is Bad When Your Friends Are Dead

Look after your friends. Check in on them. Make sure they’re not carrying a secret burden. This isn’t an act of righteous heroism. This is necessary selfishness. I’ve tweeted as much before. Making sure the mental health of your friends is good for your own sake if nothing else. When you’re surrounded by your friends […]

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Learning to Think Carefully

Be careful with your thoughts. We’re never taught how to think carefully. It’s not an easy thing to teach and it’s even harder to understand what it means to think carefully. Reckless thinking can get you into a world of trouble and potentially turn you from a nice person into a shit one. There’s a […]

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The Mental Cost of Drinking Pints

I was asked recently to talk more about how mental health and alcohol relate to one another. I wrote a piece on this a few years back for HeadStuff, but it never made it on here. It’s definitely an important relationship to be aware of. Not only can alcohol be destructive for your good mental […]

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By No Means Perfect

I don’t think everyone tries their best. People say they do, but I don’t think that most of us do. WE watch too much TV, or spend time doing things that doesn’t line up with what would be considered as “trying my best”. That’s fine at times, but if you find yourself watching more Netflix […]

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A Vegan and a Horse Walk into a Bar

Today I’m tackling the highly emotive topic of abortion. Some of you reading right now will argue that I have absolutely zero say in this whatsoever. You’re entitled to that opinion and you can stop reading right now if you feel the need to do so. Before leaping in, I should outline my position. As […]

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“Sad but Successful”

I like to think successful people also think they’re not doing enough sometimes. I like to think that they talk shit about themselves too. Steve Jobs might have thought his company was shite. Ghandi could have thought he wasn’t doing enough, or Shakespeare might have thought his poems were absolutely worthless. It makes success feel […]

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