If You’re Feeling Off Lately Then Read This

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If You’re Feeling Off Lately Then Read This

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How have you been lately? How are you feeling right now? Have you been feeling like yourself?

These are questions I ask myself every morning. It’s a simple check in, but we rarely take a moment to pause and actual observe how we’re feeling.

I haven’t been feeling like myself of late. From what I can tell, a lot of people are feeling this way. We live in very distressing times. It’s only natural that we might be feeling uncomfortable. The discomfort is your body telling you that you’re not okay with what’s going on.

I haven’t felt myself. I’m tired a lot. I’m stressed. There’s a constant ache in my upper back and neck. My ability to social is lower than usual. I get bored, irritable, impatient. I can feel this in myself, and when I was younger I would have ignored it. But now, I’m trying to accept that this is how I feel and figure out why I’m feeling this way. Because we can’t process an emotion we don’t understand.

If you’re also feeling a little off, it’s okay that you are. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. You don’t have to label it or absorb it into your identity. We’re obsessed with labels these days. And they do more to divide us than they do to make us feel human. Sometimes we don’t feel okay, and given the world we live in now, I think it’s quite normal response to not feel okay.

The stress levels are up, the anxiety is clipping away. But Spring has arrived. So now feels like a pretty good time to put away the screens and go outside. We can find peace if we want to. We don’t always have to be at war for something. The internet encourages us to be angry, hateful, and combative, but we can choose not to be – so what will you choose?

Now feels like a pretty good time to choose peace, wouldn’t you say?

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