Take Off Your Mask in 2019

This year take off your mask every now and then. You know the one. The mask you wear in front of other people. The smile you’ve perfected. The sometimes pseudo-confidence. Take it off every now and then in 2019.
Let down the ego a bit. Ease up on the narcissism, and the self-centered defaults we all have. Take off the mask that makes you think you’re always right.
Take the mask off that suggests you’re always happy. You’re not. You can’t be, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Accept the realness of it all. The highs and lows, peaks and valleys. That’s what life bleedin’ is.
Don’t resolve for some huge, seemingly unattainable goals this year. Instead, make small daily changes that add up to some meaningful change 12 months down the line. Resolve to stop lying. Resolve to fix your posture. Resolve to listen to people. Resolve to put down your phone as much as possible. Resolve to be sound to yourself. Resolve to take off your mask.
Massive New Years’ Resolutions imply that there are huge parts of you that aren’t good enough, and that’s not good. There are small things we can all do to improve daily, but don’t criticize yourself too much by trying to suggest massive, unrealistic changes. Play the long game. Take your mask off and start appreciating who you are, you absolute gowl.

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