Through The Ringer

2018 so far has been a mixed bag for me personally. It’s had its ups and downs. In brief, I got injured twice, my hard drive corrupted, I had to get eye surgery. There were plenty of set-backs. At the beginning of the year, my mental health took a hit. I was lonely, and in a weird place. 2018 had all the appearances of being a bad year for me, but then it all came together. Within the space of two weeks, I went from blind, jobless and lost, to 2 job offers on the heels of receiving my Masters results. This wasn’t designed to be a humble brag. Rather, I’m trying to illustrate the timing life sometimes has. Unnecessary, inexplicably perfect timing. All of a sudden my mind-set went from ‘2018 was a bad year’ to ‘It all kind of worked itself out’ and I feel like that’s important.
Good things may come to those who wait, but they come a lot quicker to those who work. Our generation has a tendency to self-pity. To scream ‘poor me’ and place the blame on anything outside of the self. I’m no different. I just explained how bad things ‘happened’ to me, not even considering the role I had played in bringing those things to fruition. All I hear are excuses though. Excuses to not succeed, or to not even try
We often fail to even attempt things because of some convenient bad experience. I’m not trying to undermine the effect a bad life event has on us, but I am saying that mental turmoil isn’t an excuse to not even try. The reality is, no matter what you’re going through, you’re not the only one, you’re not unique, and it is something someone has gotten through before. Using personal grievance as an excuse to not be responsible is a huge problem our generation has.
I’d argue that you actually need the bad experiences, and to have gone through them in order to succeed on a notable level. You need to prevail, and come through the bad times. The good times are only good if you can compare them to some stage where it wasn’t so good. You need the turmoil, and the struggle, and the roughness in order for the success to feel so good.
Therefore, if you’re in the thick of it, if you’re going through the ringer right now, stay the course. I can personally say that the good part is right around the corner. It’s RIGHT THERE, just keep the head and push through

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