Things Look Different in the Mirror

The second half of this piece uses the exact same words, just written in reverse. The meanings of both paragraphs mirror each other. I hope you enjoy it!

Fact: Sometimes you hurt people. Sometimes people hurt you. Everybody hurts somebody eventually. Is it natural, how careless humankind is? Thinking stops eventually. Mankind stupidly follow instincts, blind. Evolution marches onward. Good or bad? it is neither. Evolution is purposeful. How good is purpose with morality? Ethics of humankind saved Earth from evil. Humanity numbed violence. Violence became peace. Peace overran society. Corrupted souls destroyed by morals, were forgotten. Good isn’t always easy. What’s important is effort. In-put effort and intent; appreciate people. People love you sometimes. You love people sometimes.

Sometimes people love you.Sometimes you love people. People appreciate intent and effort put in. Effort is important. What’s easy always isn’t good. Forgotten were morals by destroyed souls. Corrupted society overran peace. Peace became violence. Violence numbed humanity. Evil from Earth saved humankind of ethics. Morality with purpose is good. How purposeful is evolution? Neither is it good or bad. Onward marches evolution. Blind instincts follow stupidly. Mankind eventually stops thinking. Is humankind careless? How natural is it? Eventually somebody hurts everyone. You hurt people sometimes. People hurt you sometimes: Fact.

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