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Lockdown Contemplations & Other Thoughts pt. 1

This is a creative non-fiction consideration of the predicament we find ourselves in. It’s a complex and wonderful world.

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Things Look Different in the Mirror

The second half of this piece uses the exact same words, just written in reverse. The meanings of both paragraphs mirror each other. I hope you enjoy it! Fact: Sometimes you hurt people. Sometimes people hurt you. Everybody hurts somebody eventually. Is it natural, how careless humankind is? Thinking stops eventually. Mankind stupidly follow instincts, […]

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#FictionFriday: The WiFi is Shite in Heaven

The WiFi is shite in heaven. That’s actually a misrepresentation. There’s no WiFi at all. I’ve done it again because that’s not entirely accurate either. A place has to exist before you can decide whether the place in question does, or does not have WiFi. There’s no WiFi in heaven because there is no heaven. […]

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