The Victim-hood Complex

There’s a victim-hood complex issue. There is. There’s a very large group of the population that have been socially conditioned to be offended. A lot of this group aren’t awake enough to even perceive that this has happened, but that’s a different rant for a different time. Now, the victim-hood complex (Or as it’s known in psychology commonly, the martyr complex) isn’t a new phenomenon It’s been referenced in the literature since the 1940s.
This victim-hood complex is defined by a desire to seek out “suffering or persecution because it either feeds a psychological need, or a desire to avoid responsibility”. Here on modern Earth, this seems to be rampant. Right now it’s difficult to express ANY view that is contra to liberal ideology without being painted as offensive. To go even more general, you cannot express any opinion that may offend anyone, no matter how well your view is presented. There are a huge number of people who appear to be almost waiting, both online and offline, to be offended. This hyper-offense-taking culture has led to generation of self-obsessive individuals, who lack resilience and virtue signal at every given opportunity.
I wouldn’t actually care about this group of people if they weren’t affecting life, and indeed the political landscape. We’re nearing a very real and very dangerous era of liberal policing, a term that itself is a contradiction. My main issue with liberal ideology is that, at its core it stands for freedom of lifestyle and will, but on the surface it only stands for these ideals once they are in line with liberal agenda.
The victim-hood complex arises in all of this in relation to equality, where certain social groups claim to be victim to a system due to perceived slights. The issue with this dialogue is that you can’t achieve equality if you continue to suggest one group is a victim, and one group is the victimizer or the villain. How do you expect a system to improve if you continue to complain about how bad it is? I just think that some people will be perpetually unsatisfied with, and offended by, any attempt at progress. Equality means giving everyone the same opportunities. It doesn’t mean giving certain people MORE opportunities because of their perceived oppression or domination. Thee world doesn’t owe anyone anything, and it never has.
If you want a world where certain groups get more opportunities because of social differences (which have always existed) then you’re chasing equity , not equality, which means you don’t want true equality at all, you just want the power balance to tip in a more favourable direction.

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