Don’t Make This About You

I’m going to be brief this week. There is so, so much going on. And while I am often inclined to tell you to take some time out to look after your mental health during such times in life, now is not the time to make what is happening in the Ukraine about you.

Now is not the time to tweet hot takes about the war for likes. Now is not the time to bend the narrative to highlight pet issues and causes that you care about. Now is not the time to use these terrible event to be divisive, hateful and outright selfish. Do not make this about you.

And in a similar vein:

You are no obligated – in any circumstance – to post and comment online about very global crisis. Social media is not the real world. It is unimportant whether you tell the world your opinion or not. If you don’t post this does not mean that you do not care, or that you believe it is not an important issue.

This is true for what is happening in Ukraine now, and for every other issue to ever exist.

Do not use this event to make it about you, or how you are feeling. That is not a good look, and it is telling of your true character. Resist the urge to be performative, to post hot takes in exchange for likes, and instead have these conversations in real life with the people around you, and show your support in all the wonderful ways that you can.

Be good,


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