You Shouldn’t Want To Sleep So Much

I could feel myself slipping. Days came and went. The gym started becoming too much effort to get to. Work is work. It wasn’t a place I enjoyed being. That’s fine though, that’s just part of life right now. Bigger things, better things will come to us all eventually. I don’t mind that work isn’t ideal. That’s not the reason I knew I was slipping. I knew I was slipping when I caught myself wanting to be asleep, all the time. That’s not a good thing.

You shouldn’t want to be asleep for longer than you need to be. I feel like that’s obvious. It’s a red flag when you get done with your day and voluntarily wish yourself to be unconscious. That’s a sign that there’s a significant mental imbalance happening somewhere. Of course, there are days when you’re just tired. There are days when you just need to sleep a little bit longer, but those days are rarer than you think.

Anyway, I had a bad day a few weeks ago. That’s fine, they happen. But then I had another one, and another one. All of a sudden in a 14-day cycle I had 6 not so good days. That’s almost half my time feeling bad about myself in two weeks. That’s not so good. I just wanted to sleep. Turn off the head for a while, and hope to God my brain somehow got reset overnight (Not how it works btw!). This can happen to everyone. The thing that’ll nip it in the bud is being aware of your emotional state. You’re grumpy again. Why is that? Training is a chore rather than something you enjoy. Explain that? Explain it to yourself, and if you can’t figure out why your mood is off, then it might be a signal that you’ve hit a speed bump.

Sleeping is good for you, but you shouldn’t crave it. It seems just fine to throw away a phrase like “I just want to sleep” right? Try saying “I just want to be unconscious” next time. It doesn’t sound so good. If you’re feeling off and you find yourself craving sleep all the time it’s time to check yourself. Get the right amount of sleep; 7-9 hours. Eat better food. Get your vitamins, get some fresh air and some sunlight and get a sweat going. Do this shit every day. It’s not easy, especially not when you already feel terrible. Start slow. Start with one thing.

Sleeping too much can be one of the early symptoms of depression. It CAN be. Just because you sleep a lot doesn’t mean you are depressed, you might just be lazy, or a teenager. All I’m saying is, if you’ve had a bad week and all you want to do is sleep, just check in on your mental.

There’s this phrase. It goes “Sleep is the cousin of death”.Sleeping too much can be a symptom of a depressive disorder. If you leave depression go unchecked, sleep might not cut it anymore, and so unfortunately, some people seek more permanent solutions.

Sleep is the cousin of death. I don’t think those words were picked by accident. Make sure you don’t find yourself hanging out with sleep more often than you need to. Look after your head.


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