I Don’t Care if You’re Offended

I’m sick to death of how snowflake-y, and offended the entire world is. I’m sick of it. What’s the story with everyone getting angry at everyone else for having different opinions? If you’re a vegan, you’re an elitist cuck. If you eat meat you’re a murderer. If you’re gay there’s ‘something wrong with you’. If you’re straight then you’ve had it too good for too long and need to be shut down. The list goes fucking on, lads. At what point did it become unacceptable, both socially and morally, to hold an opinion that wasn’t universally acceptable? Fuck off.

As it turns out, I don’t think you’re an asshole if your opinion is different to mine. I respect your opinion, and your right to have that opinion. I have no right to be offended by anything; that’s not an actually human right, it’s a made up one. However, there are so, so SO many liberal snowflakes that get offended by every little thing that we’re heading towards an era of speech and thought policing. Speech is already being policed, because some words are not up to politically correct standards. This has resulted in a generation of hyper-reactive children ready to take offense the second politically correct linguistic utterances aren’t used, or are used incorrectly. In other words, you’re only allowed free speech right now, under the guise that you say nothing that could offend anyone. That isn’t free speech. That’s limited speech.

Social media. This is the catalyst for taking offense. The amount of people who get offended, and angry and frustrated by something they seen online in ridiculous. If you see a tweet that ‘hashtag offends’ you, all you have to do is fucking scroll past. You don’t have to share it and type angry replies, because then they person who ‘offended’ you wins. Just scroll past and stop getting triggered by everything.

There’s no winning with liberal children. Most of these children don’t actually hold any true, meaningful beliefs. They simply exist to take offence by any and every opinion or perspective imaginable. This becomes evident in cases of gender equality, for example, where equality is only desired in areas where it benefits women (such as the gender pay gap). If however, you try to create equality by benefiting the male half of this equation, by say, giving parental leave to men, this somehow becomes sexist and unfair, which makes NO SENSE. You can’t win. Everything is an issue and no resolution is good enough.

Where does this leave us? As I said we’re heading towards the reality of Orwell’s 1984, where any thought or word you speak must be inoffensive, and in accordance with the opinions of whoever is in charge. I understand people get offended by a lot of things. So what? I’d rather allow the offensive to carry on, rather than live on this planet with a torrent of wingeing snowflakes any longer. We’re so embarrassing.

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